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What Makes a Good Portrait?

A portrait is a representation of you and oftentimes the first impression people in the online environments have of you.
It is important to look your best and reflect your personality through the portrait.
I offer portrait sessions in Copenhagen for professional CV and Linkedin photos as well as portrait photo sessions for personal use.

How do you capture emotions and expressions?

My passion is to create beautiful and eye-catching images.
During a session with me, I guide and help you with tips to make sure you look your best and feel comfortable. I will make sure that we get a wide selection of different expressions and that you will look natural and not too posed.

How long will a portrait photo session take?

I believe it is important to take time to get to know each other a little while we take the portrait photos.
So you can feel more and more comfortable during the photoshoot and we manage to capture some wonderful portraits that reflect the true you.
You should count on 1 hour for the photoshoot.

How many photos will I receive?

From portrait sessions, I deliver between 1-10 finely edited photos in both color and black & white editions. The amount of photos depends on the package you choose. There is always possibility to buy addition images.
The images will be delivered in a Dropbox album.

How far in advance do you need to book?

I would appreciate it if you book at least two weeks in advance. If you are in a hurry please write me an email anyway and I will do my best to find a solution for you.

When will I get the images after the session?

First, you will receive a selection of the best photos after one to three days.
Depending on the package you have chosen, you will pick the images you want. Then I will edit the final versions for you, which you will receive in about a week.

What should I bring?

Nothing in particular, however, if you have long hair it might be good for you to bring a hairbrush.

What to wear?

It all depends on what you are using the images for. If you are applying for a job, you would probably wear something similar to what you wear in your daily work.
It is important to wear something with as few patterns and wrinkles as possible as those things can look odd when captured by the camera and take attention away from you. I would go for something simple that brings all the attention to you.
But what’s most important is that you wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in since that will shine through in the images.

Where does the photoshoot take place?

I usually suggest a few locations in and around Copenhagen to my clients ahead of the shoot. We match the location of the shoot with the purpose of the photo. If you are looking for a professional headshot for LinkedIn we might go to an area with beautiful architecture, if you are looking for warm and calm personal branding photos we might do it in your own home or one of the beautiful nature areas around Copenhagen.

Afraid of the camera?

I get that a lot, especially from men. It is very common to be uneasy about a camera looking at you. No need to fear though. I do my best to make you feel right at home and rest assured we will take many pictures and from experience, I can tell that some of them always look amazing. Many clients tell me afterward that they have never seen themselves this confident-looking. I am thrilled to be able to make you and other clients shine that way.

What if the weather is terrible on the day of the shoot?

I can understand that you want to look your best and rainy weather doesn't really promote a smile. So of course we will reschedule to a time that is better weather and more comfortable for you.

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I am a photographer based in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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