Portraits of Dani Mancini

Daniella Mancini portrait

Daniella Mancini portrait
Daniella Mancini portrait

Daniella Mancini portrait

Daniella Mancini portrait

Cookbook CHEFS - OUR STORY with Patryk Stafin

I had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a cookbook “CHEFS - OUR STORY”

This cookbook is very special, because all the proceeds go to supporting kids in a children’s home in Wroclaw, Poland.

All in all 45 chefs have contributed to the book with savoury dishes, desserts and cocktails.

I had a pleasure to photograph chef Patryk Stafin and his dishes that will be part of the book.

Portrait of chef Patryk Stafin

Food photography savoury dish with red beets

Food photography savoury dish

Portrait photo shoot with Line in Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Portrait photo shoot in Copenhagen Botanical Garden is always a good idea. You can trade the gloomy and cold weather to something much more tropical and warm. One Saturday me and Line went to the Palm house and took quite some portraits of her. The idea was to get photos of her that she can use professionally for example on Linkedin or CV as well as have photos of her that are more creative and relaxed. Line was a pleasure to work with and I believe we got some great pictures of her.

Double exposure portrait with forest




Photoshoot with Paul Neitsov

Paul Neitsov is a talented Estonian musician and guitarrist, whom I had the honour to photograph. The following photos are taken for the promotion of his upcoming solo concert taking place during Estonian Independence Day on 24th of February 2019 in Estonian National Museum (ERM). During a cold and snowy winter day, we chose ERM for the photoshoot location, as it has beautiful wall size windows for good natural light and cool interior, which makes an interesting setting for the photos.


Portrait photo session with Julia


Me and Julia had a photoshoot in the city center of Copenhagen to take some professional portrait photos.

We found some beautiful spots to take the pictures at, where the light worked like magic.

Studio portraits of Evelin

From October I am offering portrait sessions for CV, Linkedin and personal purposes at my home studio in Copenhagen.

Get in touch if you need to have an update on your portrait!

This gallery is showcasing portraits of beautiful Evelin Alas.


Studio portraits of Annika

Selection of professional portraits of Annika Ganson, taken in a studio in Copenhagen.

Professional portraits of Joakim

Professional portraits Professional portraits Professional portraits Professional portraits Professional portraits