Portraits of Anders

Linkedin portrait of Anders Linkedin portrait of Anders

Ann Maria headshots

Portrait of Kim

Black and White portraits of Triin

Black and white portraiture is becoming one of my favourites. When a portrait is turned monochromic, the person on the photo somehow shines through the photo more vividly. There is no distracting colours on background or the clothes that takes the attention away from the subject's eyes, smile and emotions. Here is a gallery of black and white portraits of beautiful Triin Pärnpuu. We played around in the studio and ended up with a bunch of cheerful photos. Enjoy!


Portraits of Rikke

Five best portraits of Katrin

Few weeks ago me and Katrin walked around in Amager, Copenhagen and came across this beautiful bush which had leaves like no other - in a beautiful bronze/silver colour. We agreed instantly to come back to it to take some portraits as it seemed to be a perfect location. And we definitely didn't have to get disappointed. The light and shadow play worked like magic and Katrin just melted into that setting so perfectly!

Here I present to you the five best portrait photos of Katrin Helena Kuslap.



Portraits of Ilze


Portrait of Ellen