Morning dose of nature

Views of Copenhagen

Copenhagen skate park with two people sitting

Isrels plads in Copenhagen on a sunny afternoon with a lot of people hanging out

Sunrise in Meenikunno bog

Morning light is softly showing itself. It's peaceful and almost unbelievably beautiful. Estonia offers so many wonderful nature experiences and sunrise in a bog is definitely on the top. These pictures are taken in the Meenikunno raba (Meenikunno bog) in Southern Estonia, on a early morning hour in July. Get immersed into this mystical world of light, shadows, fog and short pine trees. And if you ever get the chance to visit Estonia, try this morning adventure out yourself. It's worth it 100%!

Wonderful London


Blossoming tree

Weekend in Copenhagen


Sunset magic in the West coast of Denmark

Drivr + Spiri Ridesharing Pilot