Maternity session at Amager Fælled

Gravid fotografering

Gravid fotografering

Gravid fotografering

Maternity photo session with Rebekka is something that we both will remember for a long time. It was the first day after the Prime Minister of Denmark had announced that Denmark will be closing schools and public institutions. In the morning we were unsure about what to do. Should we cancel the shoot or postpone it? But with pregnancy photographing, postpoing can be tricky. Since both of us were healthy and we had not travelled recently, we decided to go for it. I met Rebekka at her home, where we started with getting to know each other a little bit and eating home-made waffles and drinking coffee (the sweetest thing!). Then we had a creative photo session at home, which was supposed to be followed by a photo session at the Botanical Gardens Palm house. But when we got to the Botanical Gardens, we were informed that they are closing everything down due to the super heavy wind (and Corona virus). So we needed a plan B. Standing in a middle of a storm (but still a beautiful day with sun coming out every 10 minutes, cause the wind was moving the clouds so fast), I proposed we drive to Amager fælled. Amager fælled is a big beautiful nature area in Copenhagen. On our way there, it started to rain, a lot. We hoped it will just last for 5-10 minutes. But it rained for a good while longer. At one point we thought that now it has stopped. So we jumped out of the car, ran towards a meadow and started taking photos. Three minutes into the session, it started to rain again, but this time the sun stayed out. And it created the most beautiful light conditions. Rebekka rocked her lace dress despite the rain and crazy wind. We laughed, enjoyed the shower mixed with sunrays and took some magical photographs of her. Thank you, Rebekka, for an awesome day and photo shoot. Your beautiful personality, happiness and positivity were a true blessing!

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